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The next generation of Conservatory.

The orangery is the forerunner to the conservatory and dates back to the 17th century, originally designed to protect valuable and exotic plants and fruits during the cold winter months.

Early orangeries had large windows and doors within a stone building.  Today, orangeries retain a unique character that sets them apart from all conservatories, but the distinction between them has evolved over the years and now orangeries are generally defined as the next generation of conservatory.

Orangeries represent the ideal combination of the benefits and looks of conservatories and more conventional extensions.  They are wonderfully light and airy spaces due to the glazed roofs as well as being comfortable and inviting throughout the year.

For this reason orangeries will provide a unique living space.  Recently we have seen a significant growth in popularity – customers who might have opted for a bespoke conservatory or brick extension are now just as likely to choose an orangery.

However you choose to use it, a tailor made orangery will transform the way you live in and around your home – it will quickly become your favourite room.

Your tailor made orangery will be designed and built to meticulously high standards to suit your unique needs, your lifestyle and your home – the choice of styles and finishing details is entirely up to you.


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